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SmokTech IPX 80 Kit

E N J O Y M E N T   B E Y O N D   P O W E R .

The IPX 80 from Smok is named after the combination of its two inspiring shining points, IPX67 protection and 80W max output. Embracing a 3000mAh battery, it is peerless to take a whole-day vaping with sturdy power and smooth operation. The effect of rotating the air-inlet ring is embodied in the strength of the flavor when you taste the 5.5mL juice. Other adjustments of the device are digitally exhibited in the 0.96 inch display. 

Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

DRIZZLE IS NOT A PUZZLE WITH IPX67 TRI-PROOF - With the IPX67 protection technology, the IPX 80 can undoubtedly survive from water splashes, dust, or unexpected dropping.

KEEP YOURSELF CUROUS & KEEP THE TASTE FRESH - The IPX 80 is rated for 80W, allowing you to press the Up/Down button to get more novelties until you find the right wattage for the perfect taste within the 1 to 80W range.


Size: 107mm x 34.8mm x 34.5mm

Weight: 130g

Battery Capacity: 3000mAh internal 

Power Range: 1W to 80W

Standby Current: <100uA

Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5V-4.0V

Resistance Range: 0.15Ω-3Ω

Charging Voltage: 5V±0.2V

Charging Current: Max 1.4A

Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V±0.05V

Overcharge Current: 2A±0.6A

Over-discharge Voltage: 2.4V±0.05V

FEEL THE INSTANT CHANGE - The moment you activate the device, the moment a pleasant flavor is ready. It is the 0.001s firing speed that pushes a perfect vaping experience. 

BEAUTY MATTERS TOO APPARENTLY - How the splicing silicone works enhances the stability, leaving no fingerprints and providing the IPX 80 with layers.

STOP SAYING 'IT'S TOO LITTLE TO FEEL IT,' PLEASE - Your desire for vaping starts from a flavorful first puff and gets satisfaction in the capacity of 5.5mL. To fill the pod, pull the rubber plug out on the side to reveal the e-liquid fill hole, fill with your choice of e-liquid, and press the rubber plug firmly and carefully back into place. 

DUCK-BILLED MOUTHPIECE - The flatter the mouthpiece, the less leakage you'll get, conducive to make the most of the flavor.

TRANSPARENT JUICE WINDOW - A shortcut to know the consumption and amount left of the e-liquid, farewell to the dry-heating and innocent insufficient balance. 

HAVE FUN WITH THE AIRFLOW - Replace the common, feeless airflow system with an interesting air-inlet ring. Turning it to the left will increase the air intake and turning it to the right will decrease the air intake, better enhancing the man(woman)-machine interaction.  

ONE MORE POD CHOICE, MANY MORE CONVENIENCES - There are two different replacement pods for the IPX 80 Kit. An IPX 80 RPM 2 Pod (included) and an IPX 80 RPM Pod (sold separately) that are compatible with the RPM 2 Series Coils and RPM Series Coils, respectively. 

CLASSIC COILS FOR MATURE TASTES - The included coils are both RPM 2 Series Coils, available in two options.

RPM 2 Mesh 0.16Ω Coil

Direct Lung

Dense Vapor and Intense Flavor

Resistance: 0.16Ω

Rated: 25W-50W / Best: 40W

RPM 2 DC 0.6Ω MTL Coil

Mouth to Lung

Resistance: 0.6Ω

Rated: 12W-25W

SMALL SIZE, HUGE BDE - The 3000mAh built-in battery is related to an attractive vaping with longer endurance and reliable stability. You can recharge it via the included Type-C charging cable.

WONDER? JUST SEE IT - The 0.96 inch screen holds a definite place in an assured vaping, recording the real-time relevant data and informing you of them in an accurate way. 

SAFETY PROTECTIONS - Enjoy a reliable vaping experience with five included protections; lithium battery protection, atomizer detection, 8 second cut-off, short circuit protection, and low voltage protection.

Kit Contents:

1 x IPX 80 Device

1 x IPX 80 RPM 2 Pod (5.5mL)

1 x RPM 2 Mesh 0.16Ω Coil

1 x RPM 2 DC 0.6Ω MTL Coil

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual